Victoria’s story starts from a young age.
She knew early on that she wanted to go into beauty therapy, at the time it was the 90’s. It was at this time that the industry started to become more affordable to the working-class women.
My mom always wanted me to go into a job where I would be financially stable, she felt that being a beauty therapist wouldn’t be able to provide me with such.
However, by the time I was old enough to pursue my dream of attending college and qualifying in beauty, the industry had started to make an all-time high.
My mom and I had been going for regular treatments ourselves for around three years prior, and she had started to realise my passion for all things beauty. I had said to her, that the only way to ever make a successful career in the beauty industry was to own your own business, and that I would do just that.
Fast forwarding onto 2007, I had qualified in Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 2 & 3 at Stafford college and had a full-time position at a longstanding hair and beauty salon in Wolverhampton. My hairdresser at the time, had told me about a room to rent in the premises they leased from. She knew of my dream of wanting my own business and felt I would make a perfect fit. After managing to acquire a small loan of £3000.00, I signed a twelve-month lease and started my own beauty business, running alongside the hair salon.
Within that first twelve months I worked tirelessly building my clientele, but I knew I had to make some big changes to make this truly work.
A client of mine had told me of the Prince’s Trust, and how it had helped her start out in her nursery business.
I contacted my local Princes Trust, from which point it was all systems go.
The first stage was to put together a business plan which would then be the decider on whether it would be put forth to the board.
I only had one week to pull the business plan together and was overjoyed when I received the phone call to say that I had been successful and would be going to the board meeting.
On the day of the board meeting, I was nervous beyond belief and thank the heavens, that my Poppa had volunteered to take me.
He himself, had started from the bottom and worked his way up, working for Goodyears.
There was a café on site, and he took me in, ordered me a strong black coffee with two sugars, and gave me some of his worldly wisdom.
He was such a strong character, who always knew just what to say to get the best out of anyone.
“Keep eye contact, a strong firm voice, no fear, and speak as though failure isn’t an option. That it’s already a success!” he said.
To elaborate, my Poppa was like a father to me, he always praised and gave constructive criticism when needed. It was for him and my mother that I wanted to be successful, to make them proud, and to be able support my mother, who has worked so hard to provide for me from a very young age.
The board meeting seemed to go by in a blur, I was asked to take a seat in the waiting room whilst they conferred amongst themselves. Less than five minutes later, I was called back, and they announced to me that they were indeed happy to award me the full amount of a £5000.00 loan and wished me all the luck going forward.
My liaison officer brought me out and explained to me and my Poppa, how it was already a done deal before I had been asked to wait outside. The look on my Poppa’s face is one I will always treasure.
From then on, I had a mentor, whose name was Susan Lamb. Susan was to be my mentor for my first 12 months in business, however the relationship we developed meant that Susan had asked the trust to extend her time with me for a further year.
She was a self-made millionaire, from very humble beginnings. The knowledge she imparted, helped me to push through all the trials that come with starting a business.
Even after our two years of working together, we would meet and discuss the business, and all of life’s offerings. Unfortunately, Susan has now passed on, but her lessons will always be remembered fondly.
I started Victoria’s Beauty Salon in July 2007, in my own premises situated in Bilbrook. I worked alone, six days a week for three years. Not long after this, I took on my first member of staff which progressed, all the staff that have worked at Victoria’s over the years, have each contributed to what it is today and I am forever be grateful.
The salon has had three refurbishments over its time, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my wonderful husband. Each time we have expanded, going from one treatment room and nail bar to three rooms and two nail bars, a ST. Tropez room, and soon to be Sunbed. It is a constant within this industry to keep up to date with the latest products, treatments, and technology.
We now have three full-time therapists, inclusive of myself and an aesthetics Dr who holds monthly clinics. I am always on the look out to expand and bring in other exceptional therapists and technicians, who are leading in their area of expertise.
I have had three apprentices, all of whom I have worked closely with and trained to a high standard. Two of which are Molly with Beauty & Aesthetics by Molly and Kj with Kj’s Holistic therapies, have stayed on and now work self-employed, and continue to expand their qualifications, success and business.
Earlier this year, I finely made the decision to rebrand. This is something I have felt the salon had needed for a while, only it had to be perfect. With the salon ever growing and now leading in Cosmetics & Aesthetics, it needed something that included it all.
VLJ BEAUTY & COSMETICS will continue to lead the way.
I have seen two recessions and sorry to mention the dreaded word, Covid. All of which have taught me many lessons, most of all that perseverance, hard work and believing you can, will get your through anything.
We are celebrating our 14th anniversary this year, and I can honestly say I couldn’t be prouder and genuinely want all the success the girls could have, they truly deserve it.
This is my story.
Victoria X.

Meet the team


Salon Owner & Director

“Our job doesn’t just end with the perfection of our skill and the look of complete satisfaction, but also with a warm and listening ear. To give someone the ability to have freedom in their speech, and lifted shoulders is also a wonderful feeling.”
PMU Specialist
Beauty Therapist
Nail Technician
With 19 years’ experience Victoria is the salons Permanent Make-up specialist her passion lies in all areas of beauty,
especially developing her team. Always working towards the latest fashions and trends.




Beauty & Aesthetics by Molly

Aesthetician (Filler & Muscle relaxant injectables)
Beauty Therapist
Nail technician
With 8 years’ experience
Molly completed her full NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy apprenticeship
at Victoria’s and has been a solid and important part of the team since.




KJ’s Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapist
Skin specialist
Beauty Therapist
With 7 years’ experience
KJ completed her NVQ Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy
apprenticeships at Victoria’s and has also been a major part of the team.
Her strengths and passions are towards Cosmetic Facials and Holistic Therapies.
Already flying with her Facial treatments KJ is always one step ahead, which girl doesn’t want their Skin Specialist not to be!!